The music that made my week – January 1st, 2012

New week, new month, new year so seems like it's the best time for a new, first ever, blog post written by me. I wanted to do this for so long and I finally have my own blog. I guess it's a first timer excitement. With shortage of time as you grow up I'll probably find myself writing once a year…

In case this will not be an annual experience I'll try to write on the music that rocked my world on a weekly basis. So, without further a due, the music that made my week:

Archive – Again

This 16 minutes mind-blowing song will definitely make you think about relationships with people you love. "You're tearing me apart…", "You're killing me again…" and this kind of suicidal shit and in the end, eventually, can't live without your love "Without your love, You're crushing me inside", "Without your love, I'm dowsed in madness, Can't lose this sadness…". Typical relationship… Just put your earphones on and turn the volume to maximum.


Led Zeppelin – No Quarter

In my opinion one of Led Zepplin's most underrated songs. I'm an old fashioned guy. I still buy, trade, prey CDs. I got Houses of the Holey last week and it just reminded me how much I love this song.


Jackson C. Frank – Blues run the game

Jackson's life story is one of the saddest ever. The man just didn't manage staying out of bad luck. This is his most memorable song. It was covered by many: Simon and Garfunkel, Nick Drake, Sandy Denny and others.


Neil Young – Cortez the killer

Yo kids, studying history in high school can lead to great things :). Some general knowledge: Cortez was Spanish conquistador who conquered Mexico for Spain. Such a powerful song with one of the best guitar solos ever.


Greg Dulli – The killer

I just noticed that 2 songs involved with killers. I promise it's not intentional.
Everything Greg Dulli touches turns into gold. The twilight singers, the afghan wigs, the gutter twins, Mark Lanegan (I'm just kidding on this one, Mark is great). More to come from Greg.


If you want to hear all the songs in this post as a playlist you can check it out here.

Thanks for reading and let me know about the music that made your week.

9תגובות ל‘The music that made my week – January 1st, 2012

  1. Avi Kedar ינואר 2, 2012 / 11:30

    Good luck man.. great content!

    • gilsadis ינואר 2, 2012 / 21:46

      Great cover. I should hear Tool more often.

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