When writing about yourself you want to sound funny, but not too much as serious people may read your blog, full of confidence, but not cocky and most of all you want to sound like someone that everyone will like, tweet, share, follow, and whatever any futuristic social network posts will be called.

Well, I'm not going to even try…

My name is Gil Sadis and I'm a software engineer, product guy, marketing guy, growth guy and entrepreneur by heart. Music is my religion.

Previously I worked for companies like: BlazeMeter, TapticaConduit, Segev Systems, HP and Co-Founded Qualish (Hebrew).

I founded Slik.IO and Licensario (both failed miserably…).

Currently, I'm part of the founding team at Lemonade, where we try to reinvent homeowners insurance.

This blog will encapsulate the music I love, entrepreneurship experiences and some general thoughts that I got nowhere else to share…

BTW, you can follow me on twitter: @gilsadis

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