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The music that made my week – January 18th

17 ינו

Yo yo, how are you people?  It's been a stormy week out here and thus this week playlist will be adjusted accordingly.

Here's this week's playlist for a rainy day link – music for a rainy day

Pearl Jam – Just Breath

Just finished watching the movie Pearl Jam Twenty. As you already guessed I'm a big Pearl Jam fan. You can hate their music, tell they gone too mainstream or you can go Kurt Cobain on them but there is one thing that I think most people will agree on. Pearl Jam is one of the most respectable bands ever. Their pursuit after their fans benefit, the way they always stood up for what they believed in and the way they survived the shitty times they've been through overwhelms me. In the era of instant, where stars are made out of crappy reality TV shows, the era of the Coldplays and Britney Spearses, Pearl Jam is truly a pearl and one can just hope that they will be celebrating 40 so our kids will know how it was in the old world – where music was art.

Sun Kil Moon – Blue Orchids

Sun Kil Moon is another project of the great Mark Kozelek. I just love the harmony of Mark's voice and his guitar playing. Perfect for stormy weather. You can find a great cover of this song here.

Mojave 3 – Bluebird of Happiness

I think I'll start a new section in the posts of the music that made my week. The section will be called: "Put your earphones on, turn the volume to max and float away". It will probably last a week :). Anyway, this is this week's float away song. I've been to a concert of Mojave 3 about a year go and for some reason they performed strange versions for most of the songs. I didn't like it. I like they're album versions much more.

Sigur Ros – Untitled 4

This is taken from the Vanilla Sky soundtrack. Great movie in my opinion.

every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.

David Bowie – Wild Is The Wind

King David celebrated 65 last week. Where are you David???

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading and like always, let me know what music made your week.

The music that made my week – January 7th, 2012

7 ינו

First of all I want to start by saying thanks for reading my previous post. I got a lot of feedback about my first post ever. One of the things people said was that it's better if I'll give a link to a YouTube playlist at the beginning of the post and not at the end as it will be great to hear the music while reading.

I'm a thoughtful person… This is this week's playlist link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0JwW623n1A&feature=BFp&list=PL4D389B2E834C7D65

And now let's go straight to the music that made my week and hopefully will make yours. This week's music is dedicated to some artists I'm going to see this summer.

Pearl Jam – Crazy Mary

This song was originally performed by a singer named Victoria Williams. Victoria is an American singer-songwriter. In the middle of her music career Victoria learned she is suffering from multiple sclerosis. Pearl Jam's cover was part of a tribute to Victoria in order to raise money for her medical care as she didn't have health insurance. This tribute included covers for Victoria's songs from artists like Lou Reed, Soul Asylum and of course the great Pearl Jam.
Stay tuned for a nasty Guitar/Keyboards solo battle at the end of the song.



Radiohead – Where I end you begin

I just love how Thom Yorke move in this video. Just can't wait to see them live. In my opinion, one of the best bands ever.



Red Hot Chili Peppers – I Could Have Lied

Taken from their best album in my opinion "Blood Sugar Sex Magic". The guitarist John Frusciante joined the band in this album after replacing Hilel Slovak that died from (how surprisingly) heroin overdose. John's guitar changed the sound of RHCP forever even though he left the band not so long after he joined because of – guess what? – a heroin addiction.
John won't be at the concert of RHCP that I'm going to see as he recently left the band which makes seeing them a much less exciting experience. Well, I guess it will be great nonetheless.



Eddie Vedder – Rise

Taken from Into the Wild soundtrack. If you haven't heard the soundtrack you should. Quick. Now. Eddie Vedder wrote all the music and it's awesome. By the way, the movie is really good too. The thing that stayed with me from the movie is this line "Happiness only real when shared". Mark Zuckerberg knew exactly what he was doing…



Thom Yorke & PJ Harvey – The mess we're in

I wish I could see PJ in concert this summer. She's one of the coolest women out there.



A few words on a website I like. A lot. thesixtyone is a great place for finding Indie artists and explore some amazing music. Recommended for open-minded people who want to discover music and are tired of the crap commercial TV&Radio sells. Just a taste here. I'll bring some more examples from time to time.


Thanks for listening and don't be shy sharing the music that made your week.